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  1. Method of payment for purchasing residential immovable property in India under general permission?
    a) Either inward remittances in foreign exchange through banks
    b) Or through funds from NRE/FCNR accounts in India
  2. Permission from RBI to acquire residential / commercial immovable property in India?
    No permission required.
  3. Any special conditions to purchase immovable property in India?
    No. Non-resident Indians who are citizens of India (India Passport holders) are eligible for housing finance for their personal use or for their family in India. Loans by banks like HDFC is also available even if they are abroad, provided a family member of his or her in India is made a co-borrower and a power of attorney is given to his representative in India
  4. Purchase of property through the agent or through the Power of Attorney?
    Yes it is possible. They may enter into an agreement through their relatives and/or by executing the Power of Attorney in their favour as it is not possible for them to be present for completing the formalities of purchase (negotiating with the builder or Developer, drafting and signing of agreements, taking possession, etc.) Power of Attorney should be executed on the stamp paper before the proper authorities in foreign countries. Power of Attorney cannot be drafted on the stamp paper bought in India.
  5. is renting such residential property an option?
  6. Can the rental income from such property be remitted outside India?
    No. Such income cannot be remitted abroad and will have to be credited to the ordinary non-resident rupee account of the owner of the property.

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