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Welcome to Capital Athena

Capital Athena, designed by world renowned architect, Hafeez Contractor, is all set to become an architectural marvel and a landmark. A fine amalgam of ancient regal lifestyle whilst meeting the demands of modern life, it lends itself beautifully to contemporary needs and expectations.

Spacious rooms, aesthetically designed building interiors, wide-open spaces, well ventilated apartments; each and every corner of Capital Athena has been planned and designed to perfection. After all homes fit for connoisseur simply cannot afford to have crammed interiors.

Located in Greater Noida West or Noida Extension, the Capital Athena is going to be everything one could hope for in a home or Flats,Apartments, and more. It offers outstanding construction quality, modern design, superb security, a wide range of new age facilities, and an excellent location, all in one place. One will never have to compromise on quality, or go over their budget if they pick capital athena as their next home. Once can opt out of luxurious 2,3 and 4 BHK flats,apartments situated in the upscale Noida Extension district of Noida city, and the entire project has been designed to ensure that one get the best of everything, for unbelievable prices.

A number of factors need to be considered when people pick their new home. While quality of the Housing,society project, the services it will offer and the price are very important considerations, most people begin the search for their new house based on the criteria of location. People prefer a nice neighborhood that is close to where they work, and provides easy access to most of the services that a normal person would require on a day to day basis. Capital Athena is located in Greater Noida west or Noida Extension, which makes it very close to one of the most popular Noida city center. It is also close to several schools in the city, is a short commute from shopping malls and markets, and provides quick access of banking and medical facilities.